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Re-Up Thrift

Re = Recycle, Up = Upcycle, Thrift = Cheap Prices for you!

Our Mission Statement : 

Helping our community have access to affordable fashions while helping divert reusable goods from the landfill.

We are local folks who are doing our part to keep good stuff from being thrown away. We search the local area's to find storage units, garage sales, undividual sellers, and donations of good reusable clothing and bring it to you. 

We sort through mountains of clothing to bring you the best brands, unique styles, old and new fashions, one-of-a-kind finds, and anything we think someone may like.

In the process we are keeping business in the area and providing a few local jobs as well.

Come check us out!

There is always something new.

We have new arrivals and something on sale every week.  


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